Illuminating Skincare to Inspire Mindful Living

Designing personal care products that will become an extension of people’s love of earth, self, and each other.

Inspiring people to make the small, daily changes that build a better life.

My most cherished memories are of the smell of my grandfather’s aftershave and the times we spent together in nature. He passed on to me a legacy of environmental consciousness and a commitment to the self-care rituals that begin each day of my life. Throughout my teens many of those days were spent fighting with problem skin and the harsh chemical products I was given to treat it. I knew I was ignoring my own core beliefs about sustainability and how I wanted to treat my body by using these products, but unable to find an alternative, I decided to create my own. Over the last two decades of concocting natural skin-care products, I’ve learned that these practices reach far beyond myself. The farmers who sustainably grow the ingredients I use are supported when we collectively believe in the value of those farming practices. We improve our local economies when we buy from businesses within our own communities. We show respect to the creatures we share this planet with by not using them in product testing. And above all, the health and safety of the people who use these products are supported—not by me, but by each other. Gaffer & Child is the alchemy of these ideals—to honor ourselves, each other, and the earth we all share—and the products we produce are the alchemy of the most pure and powerful resources nature provides. -Grigore Madikians