Illuminating Skincare to Reveal Your Golden Glow


To support a nourishing relationship between you and the universe, igniting your celestial shine so it may flow freely from the kosmos, the sun, moon, and stars!



Gaffer&Child is about self-expression, empowerment and finding your best light no matter who you are.

In film and television crews the Gaffer is responsible for the execution and design of the lighting plan for a production. We are here to bring your light to the world with the best ingredients from nature.

Located in the heart of Old Topanga Canyon, Gaffer&Child is producing skincare to recharge your connection to mother nature and replenish the oil in your lamps every morning. We combine modern alchemy and ancient plant wisdom to celebrate your celestial shine, and spread joy through our natural handcrafted beauty products, cultivating an opportunity for people and plants to connect.



Beauty is an extension of self and we give everyone the opportunity to own their own beauty. Gaffer&Child is all about being your authentic self and revealing your golden glow with products designed to enhance who you are from the inside out.

I have always been really excited about the potential of skincare and it’s ability to guide us to our star shine, allowing us to see each other and our unique individual beauty better.

Glow your own way.

Grigore Madikians

Founder, Gaffer&Child