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Stellar Skin Reset

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Designed to unveil your natural GLOW without wasting time or money. Formulated for sensitive, combination, and damaged skin. You will spend the next eleven transformational days mastering the skincare basics required to reset your skin and reveal your celestial shine.


1. COSMIC CLEANSING OIL: Gain balance with the Facial Cleanser. Perform your ritual cleansing both morning and night to prepare it for the magical ingredients that follow. This is especially important in the evening, to free your skin from the pollutants you’ve encountered throughout the day.

2. STARDUST CLAY CLEANSER: Gentleness is key. This formulation of nourishing ingredients and natural exfoliants removes impurities without leaving your skin dry. Bask in the nourishing power of Raw Cacao, and feel the radiant clean brought on by Sun Dried Rhassoul Clay and Sweet Ceylon Cinnamon.

3. SOLAR YOUTH SERUM: Moisturize with the Solar Youth Serum morning and night and boost your skin’s hydration. An ultra-light moisturizer infused with daily antioxidants, this serum delivers loads of moisture for optimal skin protection and elasticity, without leaving skin oily.

4. LUNAR YOUTH SERUM: You’ll see the effects of this stellar facial oil in one use. Hydration is an immediate effect, especially if your skin is slightly dehydrated. You will see measurable results just 10 minutes after applying this powerful moisturizer and continue to see the effect up to 14 hours later.

5. ROSE MAGIC MIST: This mist is full of flower power. Your Flower Water is a toner and aromatherapy treatment in one. Use this botanical spray throughout the day to harmonize skin and mind.